Saturday, 23 May 2015

5 Must Have Brushes

[L to R] Morphe M431, Zoeva 228, Real Techniques Contour Brush, Body Shop Blush Brush, Flat Top Kabuki

I am so surprised that i've never done a post just on brushes baring in mind how in love i am with them. So i thought i'd share my 5 must have can't live without brushes.

Morphe M431: This is a slighter larger pencil brush than usual and i find that it is perfect for specific crease work and putting colour under the eye. Ever since i picked one of these up, i can't put it down.

Zoeva 228: A dupe for the MAC 217 what isn't to love. Perfect for crease work and blending and light application. I could own 20 of these brushes and i still wouldn't have enough and especially in rose gold.

Real Techiques Contour Brush: A multi purpose brush, perfect for contour, highlight, blend out concealer and setting the under eye. This brush does it all.

Body Shop Blush Brush: I put this old gem in because i love the cut of the bristles and so soft. I also think this brush could be multi purpose but I'm yet to try, so ill get back to you on that.

Flat Top Kabuki: Any brand of this brush will work, the one in the image above being Coastal Scents. I wont be able to use anything but this and a beauty blender to apply foundation, it works a charm.

Sorry for not posting in the last two weeks! I've been so run down with my college deadline and to top it off i was ill and then my internet completely died on me for 5 days.

What is your favourite brush?
Lemme know, Summa x

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